Tiger House in Hudson, NY

An old hunting house.  A former convent.  A….brothel?  Not quite your typical inn around the Hudson Valley.  A place full of history, you can feel it the moment you approach the the stone tigers along the walkway to the front door.

Formerly the Hudson Inn steps away from the bustling Warren St, the Tiger House is placed just off of Allen St. in Hudson.  Tucked away in the revitalized rustic river town, the atmosphere still wreaks of its previous life before the uptick brought from New York City migrants.  The Tiger House puts its own stamp on Hudson, but while maintaining the same philosophy of the town itself.

Ringing the door bell, there’s a sense of a “who did it?” mystery murder game of Clue.  However, once welcomed by the innkeeper, Kurt, there’s a feeling of welcome and warmth that only comes from “home’, and it didn’t hurt to have a little pup running around .  Rich hardwood floors with  a beautiful Steinway & Sons piano placed in the center of the room as you enter, your eyes immediately follow the staircase to the upper floor and settle upon the innate intricacy of the design of the ceiling – it is absolutely stunning.  After a quick look around, Kurt led us into the living room of the inn.  As our room was being prepared, Kurt told us to relax and kick our feet up, while he started a fire on this dreary and damp day.  As I took a few photos of the inn, my wife kicked back with a book and a drink, not too dissimilar from a Sunday afternoon at our own apartment.  Surrounded by books, taxidermy animals, and a fitting decor, I felt transported in its history, while keeping a balance of atmosphere and tradition in a welcoming environment.

Off of the living room is the garden room.  A beautiful open space with more space to lounge, as well as plenty of greenery.  Unfortunately, it was a gloomy day, but I can only imagine a sunny day lighting up the room and relaxing in the garden.

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The dining room is as simple and elegant as expected in the inn.  A long table with views of the garden, a beautiful chandelier just over the table, with a ceiling equally as impressive as the ceiling mentioned early upon entering. You can almost picture the types of dinners and conversation that happened in this room.  The table was meticulously set for the next meal with a candle lit in the middle.  Although we didn’t have dinner, the morning breakfast was tastefully simple and delicious.  A great place to share a meal with the guests of the inn.

In a connecting room, the Tiger House has recently began operating a bar for their guests.  They obtained their liquor license, which has opened up a whole new experience for visitors, with a bar room straight out of old world Hollywood.  Its a room that begs for cigarette smoke and scotch, although I think they would prefer you skip the cig.  Another space to relax in at the Inn, and what better way than with a glass of your favorite vice?

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Up the staircase, there are a number of rooms for the guests.  All unique.  We stayed in the Green Room, which was fittingly painted green.  Large with an in-room fireplace and vintage-chic bathroom.  The room was extremely welcoming and comfortable with views of the fall foliage trickled down Allen St.  Elegance was definitely the vibe in this room.  We ended up spending quite a bit of time in the room.  It was cozy and comfortable.  Just like the Tiger House all around.

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One of my favorite parts of the room was the bathroom.  With a bath tub separate from the shower, it doubled as a great place for a bath and a nice piece of decor for the bathroom.  Along with distressed wood, local soap from 2 Note in Hudson, and the subway tile, I found it to be a rather pleasant room and a nice place to enjoy a shave during my visit.  The small things in life.

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Hudson, NY was a great weekend getaway from Manhattan.  A ton of great food, antique shops, and surrounding ambiance close enough to some of the other quaint towns just a quick drive away that are worth a visit.  If interested in any recommendations, do feel free to reach out.  However, it was the Tiger House that was the star of the weekend.  It was beautiful and a great place to get away from the everyday grind.  We left in hopes to do some exploring, gain some serenity, and unwind in a wonderful place.  We did all those things, but the most unexpected occurrence was that we felt like I was at home, and there is no place like home.

Thanks for the hospitality, Tiger House.
Warm Regards,