The Wedding Day Tux


Tuxedo and Shirt by PointClickTailor.

On a sunny beautiful day in May, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  A day where you wake-up as one person and go to bed a changed man.  A day where two people commit the rest of their lives together.  One of the biggest commitments in life.  The most beautiful woman enshrined in white walks slowly into the rest of your life as if she was the only woman in the world.  Two simple words brings her into your life forever…. No outfit in the world could live up to such a moment.  To such beauty.  But, you do your best.  The tuxedo.


If there is one day to have the “perfect suit”, it’s probably your wedding day.  With a plethora of options, I always knew a classic tuxedo would always be the choice when that day came.  Trying to live up to the hype of the bride in white is never going to happen, but you want to look your best for that special person on that wonderful day.  A woman likely will only wear her dress once, but she should never compromise.  The same should go for the man.  The plus side, a classic tux can get some good use throughout your lifetime.  There’s no better time to have the perfect fit in your life – when everything else that day strives for perfection.  For me, I entrusted my go-to-guys over at PointClickTailor to craft my version of perfection for the day.

NJW-30 NJW-33

Having a tailor/company you trust makes all the difference in the world.  When that relationship exists, both parties are eager to make a vision come to life.  With Frank (the proprietor of PCT), we were able to bring an idea to life in a beautiful way – and I will always owe him for that.


“One Mind, One Heart, One Love”


As mentioned, I went in with a classic in mind: black, single-button, satin peak lapel.  That was the easy part.  It was the pieces of personality that made this piece special.  Some of the smaller details included: a three-button functional cuff, double vent (ventless is most traditional), pickstitching, glen plaid lining, spalla camicia, and a Milanese button hole.  PCT also made the perfect tuxedo shirt in a waffle-white fabric with a flat front.  All the details are wonderful, and I didn’t have to compromise on any of the details I wanted – the luxury of having a MTM tailor on speed dial.  However, it was the detail that was unnoticed that will keep the moment of my wedding imprinted in that tux forever: a passage from a song that read “One mind, one heart, one love.” Outside of the special meaning to my now wife, it is something that was personal to us that no one else had to see for it to have an impact.


Your wedding is a day to pull out all the stunts.  For me, the perfect tux was a small part of that day, but something I will always remember, and I will always have in my possession.  For others, it may be something else, and you should go for it!  This is what the most beautiful woman in the room deserved that day, and I am happy PCT helped make that a reality.  I don’t need to go into how PCT nailed the fit or how well-crafted it is.  PCT is an amazing choice, and I haven’t found anyone on their level at this price point or in the online-MTM game.  If you want to read more about that, you can read my first encounter with them HERE. This is about how something as simple as the way you look can help make the most wonderful day of your life a little better.


Just remember, I had the most beautiful and perfect woman agree to spend the rest of her life with me.  What I was wearing didn’t matter.NJW-366

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