The Sunday Coffee | Lafayette


Where: Lafayette

Drinking: Americano

Sundays are made for the coffee shop.  Whether its starting the day bright and early or catching up on some rest to start Monday feeling fresh, a Sunday isn’t complete without a trip to the coffee shop.  I’ve become fond of the ritual.  Even if its just a quick stop at the counter and take it to-go to enjoy a walk around the city with a cup in hand.  Adding company is even better!

This particular Sunday I found myself at Lafayette in NoHo.  A pleasant French restaurant with a just as pleasant cafe right inside.  In the company of two good friends, sharing conversation and laughs over a fresh brewed americano is the ideal Sunday.

The Paolo Penko ring (pictured above) is always a topic for discussion.  This particular ring was designed by my friend, the proprietor L’Arte Nascosta, in collaboration with Penko.  Hand-chiseled with a story to tell with each touch always brings a lot to speak of.

Another topic of discussion was my new found infatuation of the Ivy League style, as I have dove into the vintage ads of Brooks Brothers and J. Press.  A cricket sweater and OCBD was Sunday’s attire so only natural.

Some Sundays require the running of errands and grocery shopping, but when the opportunity to rest and enjoy good company presents itself, you always take it.

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