The Peacoat

As much of classic military wears, the peacoat has stuck around for quite some time.  With its Naval roots tracing back to the Dutch, it has become one of those truly “timeless” pieces that has stood tall through the test of time.  Born to fight any and all elements, from rain to wind, it is still looked upon today as a reliable source to fight those same rain and winds, but for the everyday wearer.  The peacoat has been consistently designed to feature rough durable wool that has become an inherently casual choice, as have most military-inspired pieces, but still has the personality and versatility to perform well in somewhat casual settings – especially the coats that are long enough to cover your jacket.

Without further delving into a history lesson or the modern interpretations of what the peacoat has become, I leave you with a few shots from a recent chilly day in NYC.  This particular coat has an oversized collar that is perfectly functional and is long enough to fit over my tweed jacket.  Paired with a DB waitscoat, denim, and suede monks, this is a great visual of how I feel about the peacoat’s ability and versatility.

Club Monaco Coat / Suitsupply Shirt, Waistcoat / Uniqlo SC/ Levi’s

[Photography, Matt Mendez]

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