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Uniqlo Jacket | Proper Cloth Shirt | Rampley & Co. PS | Levi's | Brooks Brothers Belt | John Doe Shoes Boots and Bag | PHOTOGRAPHY by Sebastian Pilch

Uniqlo Jacket | Proper Cloth Shirt | RAMPLEY & CO. PS | Levi’s | Brooks Brothers Belt | John Doe Shoes Boots and BAG | PHOTOGRAPHY BY SEBASTIAN PILCH

This time of year involves a lot of travelling for many.  Whether it’s flying, taking the train, or driving, it’s important to stay comfortable in the process.  I usually like to keep things tailored when I travel, and there is a way to keep it extra comfy.

I prefer a sport coat when travelling just because of the convenience.  The pockets come in handy for everything from your phone to your tickets and wallets.  It also helps when going through airport security because you can just shove everything in your jacket and take it off to go through the scanners.  This jacket in particular is a tweed-y wool/jersey blend from Uniqlo that is completely unstructured – it’s basically a sweatshirt.  My go-to.


A well-worn pair of jeans are always a good way to go as well.  These Levi’s have seen it all, and they are about as comfortable as a pair of jeans get.

The pop-over shirt here is from Proper Cloth and its a super-soft flannel-like fabric that features their beautiful cutaway collar – so solid.  Pocket square from Rampley & Co.’s new National Gallery collection (review coming soon).


The boots and bag are from John Doe Shoes, and they are a great companion for travel.  Boots feature a dainite rubber sole that is ready for whatever the weather may bring, and this waxed cotton weekender is perfect for short trips and built to last.


I hope everyone has safe travels and a happy holiday!

Ph. Sebastian Pilch

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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