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MTM Contrast Club Collar Shirt

[Photos by Sebastian P.] Part of my admiration for clothing is the nostalgia and functionality that comes with it.  Outside of craftsmanship and attention to detail, the purpose of dress has always been fascinating.  Before “trends” were the anchor of design, everything had a purpose.  Not to say that trends weren’t relevant decades ago, but in today’s world, functionality seems…

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Midtown Brown

[Photos by Sebastian Pilch.] Midtown Manhattan.  Steps beyond the crowded flurry that is Grand Central Terminal is the home of corporate offices for most white collar business (except for those who have fled downtown).  Park Avenue. Madison Avenue. Lexington. Etc.  From 9-5… or 6… or 7… or 12… the streets are full of business men and women throughout the day.  These…

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Tailored to Travel

This time of year involves a lot of travelling for many.  Whether it’s flying, taking the train, or driving, it’s important to stay comfortable in the process.  I usually like to keep things tailored when I travel, and there is a way to keep it extra comfy. I prefer a sport coat when travelling just because of the convenience.  The…

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