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Review: Oliveo Jacket

Feels like Havana… This is my second go-around with Oliveo from Makeyourownjeans. They boast the fact that the garment is “70% handmade, 30% machine made” – that’s quite the amount of handwork for an online ‘bespoke’ product. The attention to detail is definitely there, and with some minor adjustments from my first order, this one came out lovely. I decided…

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Review: Oliveo Suit

Oliveo is probably unfamiliar to most, as it was to myself when I stumbled upon them. Oliveo is the label that Makeyourownjeans makes their suits under. Yes, very complex, but they make MTM suits so that was enough for me. They sent me out a suit to review since they definitely peaked my interest. Oliveo worked with me extensively throughout…

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