Round II with Rampley & Co



Dressing can very much be described as a form of art.  The world of menswear (fashion in general) expends quite a bit of praise to the world around us when it comes to inspiration.  Whether it comes from an individual, a city, or a painting, all these factors can be summed up in one word….art.

Rampley & Co has taken on this form of inspiration in a way that can only be described as literal.  By combining an everyday furnishing such as a pocket square with the imprint of some of the most beautiful pictures created by renowned geniuses into a piece of silk, it seems more than appropriate.  The creation is subtle and intricate at the same time – taking on many of the qualities that can only be found in art.


Rampley & Co continues to bring a piece of famed painters into our homes.. or our pockets.  R&C developed a collection based on the National Gallery in London that expands on their initial offerings that I have previously talked about.  The National Gallery collection features pieces from Peter Paul Rubens, Carlo Crivelli (seen here), and Canaletto.

There’s not much to add about the pocket square.  It’s beautifully made in England, hand rolled edges, and bestows intricate stories printed on imported silk.  A combination that is hard to replicate.  The way it transforms when stuffed into your pocket is a feature that is always unique, and makes these collections most appealing to me.  I am a huge fan of these squares, and it even adds a little more meaning to those who truly appreciate the art world and the menswear one – perfectly complimenting one another as they should.


Photography by @shpphotos

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