Review: Tailor4Less Jacket

Tailor4Less has been a player in the online MTM game for a while now. They have modest prices starting at $55 for a shirt and $239 for suits. They have a pretty solid selection of fabrics, including cottons and linens for this warmer season. After talking with the people at T4L we decided to do a review for a jacket.


100% ‘Premium’ Merino Wool in their Arezzo fabric

3/2 Roll Button Closure with Lowered Button Stance

4.25 inch Peak Lapels

No Shoulder Padding

Pick Stitching

Functional Cuffs


The process and options are simple and easy to manage. It is a very straightforward process, and they don’t overwhelm you with tons of customizations. Like most other online MTM services, they are able to grant many additional options, as I did with the 3/2 roll stance, wider lapels, and no shoulder pads. They were very helpful in making sure that my additional request were satisfied, and I was contacted more than a few times to get some additional measurements for the button stance, among other things.

The fabric was good. It is a light wool with a nice subtle glen plaid pattern. Nothing mind blowing, but overall a great merino wool, and I’m happy I went with the premium fabric – I would definitely recommend the ‘Premium’ wool over the other option because, from what I have seen from other reviews, the Premium really is a big step up.

The fit was decent, fitting well in the shoulders and arms.


The fit was decent, a lot of room in the midsection and chest. I had to get it taken in quite a bit at the tailor, so there seems to be a big allowance there with the measurements. There was also a bit of bunching of the shoulders, but it was an easy fix for the tailor.

The pick stitching was a little shaky with some look threads, but not a deal breaker by any means. Also, the button stance compared to the bottom of the jacket is a little short – if that makes sense. That is probably on T4L, as well as myself because of the measurements I provided. I either should have made the jacket a bit longer, or went with their standard 3 button stance instead of lowering it as much as I did.


I was, for the most part, satisfied with the outcome of the jacket. There is certainly some potential here. I was happy with T4L’s customer service and attention to my additional requests. Besides the looseness in the mid-section and the button stance, everything else seemed to work pretty well. The construction was solid, and the fabric is good with a great pattern/color.

Thank you to the people at Tailor4Less for the opportunity to review a jacket! Kudos.