Review: SuitSupply Boston Fit

“The plain blue cotton looks like it’s been kissed by the Italian sun for days.”

I have been wanting to try out more of Suitsupply’s products for a while now after picking up some of their accessories in store in NY and Chi-town. I was presented with a no-brainer of an opportunity when they marked down some of their products from the S/S 13 line (the 1st time they have marked down prices?). There were quite a few options that I have had my eye on, but this Blue Plain Boston jacket seemed like it would be a great addition because I didn’t have anything quite like it.

I wrestled back and forth with the idea of going with the Spanish cotton version of this jacket in “Rust”, but after finding out I had to size down, I was ultimately left with the only option (and I believe to have been the right option) in going with the Blue.

This was the first time ordering online from SS, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quick shipping, and the packaging of the product – coming in a “tombstone” box accompanied by 2 separate garment bags and a hanger. Right out the box, the wash of the fabric stuck out immediately: it was a rugged cotton from Larusmiani in Italy, but it still managed to be soft enough to the touch, which gave it a much more luxurious feel than the other washed cotton jackets I have hanging up in the closet.

One of draws to this jacket was the fact that it was unlined and completely unconstructed. It feels like a second skin when on and moves incredibly well. I first ordered my usual size 36 (following the measurements that is given in the sizing guide), but there was way too much room in the chest area finding that their description of the jacket to be “incredibly slim” was inaccurate. This problem was not a big deal, as I sized down to the 34 and it has ended up to be one of the best fitting RTW jackets I have ever purchased. I remember talking to one of the salesmen in the Chicago store, and he told me that the SS brand was built for the larger Dutch men and advised me to order MTM if ever going with a suit there — I am not sure of how much truth goes into that, but since then SS has begun to carry more short sizes, as well as smaller sizes in general.

The details of the jacket cannot go unnoticed: patch pockets, 2×4 fastening, unstructured shoulders, peak lapel, camo piping in the jacket, surgeon cuffs and pick stitching. SS has all the signs of luxury for a lower price point, and I am extremely impressed with my first go around with their jackets. I know there are some who have pet peeves with the company, but I think the quality of their products far outweigh any other offering in this price range, let alone the variety of options they carry – it is simply incredible.

That leads me to a final thought about the company, Suitsupply, in general. One cannot ignore the presence that they have established throughout the world of menswear (or should I say #menswear). There will always be a place and an emphasis on the quality of old world tailoring, but the forward minded people behind Suitsupply have really stepped this brand into the spotlight. First thing that comes to mind is their campaigns – very extravagant and exciting, which draws in the consumer. Then I think about their presence in pop culture – seamlessly involving themselves in the “street style” phenom following around Nish or Baroncini across the country drawing endless publicity to SS through the blog culture. There are the people who say SS offers too many unwearable pieces, but they offer the basic blues and grays just as well as anyone else. The company is about pushing limits, just like the #menswear world and I think that is what is so enticing about the brand. It has embraced this #menswear culture and has become a favorite to many, and the following has only grown. This has been an exciting explosion to watch and I just wanted to give credit to where credit is due.

Bottom line, the jacket is better than I could have imagined. I would not have minded paying full price for this jacket, and I think its definitely worth the price tag. Kudos Suitsupply, I will be back for more!