Review: Suitopia

Next on the list for online MTM suiting is Suitopia. Suitopia differs from many of the online suiting brands because they have a brick-and-mortar in Stockholm. Suitopia offers a variety products through their webshop, including womenswear. Ever since online MTM suiting has peaked my interests, I have always come across Suitopia and have always been interested in the brand. So when I was given the opportunity to give one of their suits a go, I was more than happy to try it out.

The online interface is similar to many of the usual suspects. It is clean, straightforward, and easy to use. Nothing too much else to say when it comes to that.

I have been missing the standard charcoal gray suit from my closet so I thought it was a good time to fill a hole. This hole should have been filled when I first got into tailoring, but what are you gonna do… I went with their 3-to-4 seasons S110’s VBC wool, which speaks for itself. I mostly kept things minimal with the details: not-too-wide notch lapels, flap pockets, slightly longer jacket, but added just a few personal touches: side tab buttons, ticket pocket, nothing too crazy. I went in designing a workhorse, and a workhorse is what I got.

The details of my suit are as follows:

Vitale Barberis Canonico 110’s wool, 4” Notch Lapels, 3/2 Roll, Soft Shoulder, Side Tab Buttons with Suspender Buttons, Flat Front Trousers with a 1.75” Cuff.

The experience is something that really stood out with Suitopia, especially the customer service woman, Jenny. I spoke with Jenny during the whole process, and she always took the initiative and extra steps to make sure I got what I wanted. For example, we raised the gorge and she inquired about the specified amount I wanted to raise it. The first jacket I received was not bad, but it was missing some key details that I specifically asked for: soft shoulder, raised gorge, and I made some other adjustments from the first jacket, as well. When I expressed my disappointment, Jenny didn’t hesitate to offer a remake, and we fixed everything that was an issue, as well as some other adjustments to make it fit spot-on.

Braces and side tab adjusters.

The outcome was a well-tailored suit that will definitely be a staple from now on. Using a high-end cloth combined with excellent construction makes for a great suit, and I could not be happier. The remake of the jacket made all the difference in the world, and the trousers were great from the beginning. The only negatives would be the cheap buttons. I definitely enjoyed the experience and final product, and I think Suitopia is doing a great job. Great fit, solid construction, and outstanding customer service. You can’t really ask for much more than that.

Thank you to Suitopia, and be sure to check them out HERE or if you’re near Stockholm, check out the shop.

Disclaimer: this suit was provided for the purpose of this review. I do my best to give my honest and unbiased opinion for the benefit of my readers.

  • Jacques

    I just placed an order and this is by far the worst online experience!
    Customer Service doesn’t care about customers…they reply after 4 to 8 days!
    Products are sent from Vietnam, that means they have zero control on production, supervision and zero quality assurance.

    I’d recommend to stay away from
    Don’t waste your money

  • Anders Lofgran

    I have never ordered something from any online clothing company that looks so different from the website, within or outside the US. Honestly, it’s not that hard to get a suit a color close to what its actually looks like in person, nor should it be, considering THEY SELL COLORED FABRICS FOR A LIVING. Terrible customer service. Go buy a cheaper suit from china instead if you don’t care for quality or customer service. I just don’t want people to make the same mistake I did.

  • Chris Godlewski

    Perhaps they do a good job when they know you’re writing an article about them, but I would choose a different online M2M company. Lots of problems with this particular M2M company. I agree with another review that stated the colors on the site don’t look like they do in real life – that’s the difference between photographing the fabric and having a “virtual” swatch. If you know anything about suits, you’ll recognize a ton of problems very quickly if you order from them. Fabric is also poor quality, and construction around the lapels is cheap. I received my suit and it fit incredibly poorly; too much fabric around the armpits, biceps far too big (and I’m not a small guy). After I requested a remake there was a bit of a delay but they did agree to honor the arrangement. I emailed pictures of me in the suit and had my tailor pin the problem areas. The remade suit STILL fit poorly and had to be tailored. I requested reimbursement for the additional tailoring costs and was told under their “perfect fit guarantee” I was responsible for the additional cost . . . isn’t that an oxymoron?! They guarantee a perfect fit but won’t pay to get it right. I was going to have them make my wedding tux but after this experience will use another vendor.

    • Hey Chris – thanks for sharing your experience, as well. I didn’t try their stock fabrics, as I picked a VBC that was quite nice. As noted, I also had to have my jacket remade. It looks like a lot of people have struggled with them. I’m sorry to hear that. An alternative would be PointClick Tailor – Frank is in the US and always happy to have a phone call to discuss all details. Thanks again for sharing your experience. Its a big help for the readers.

      • Chris Godlewski

        I’ve done some digging on all the online M2M and have had some good luck with Indochino. They at least have a US branch and can be reached by phone and have been quite accommodating. I got one suit from them that fit well after tailoring and looks sharp so I’ve ordered another. I also ordered from BlackLapel, a little pricier, but the suits look fabulous. I need a simple light gray suit for my wedding as well as a sports coat, I’ve been looking at trying HarrysSuits or StudioSuits – which have almost identical websites and identical fabrics interestingly, almost as if they were the same company with Studio being the cheaper little brother with not as much guarantee. They have some bad reviews from around 2012 when people didn’t order their 100% wool suits but nothing more recent. Would love to know if anyone’s used either of them lately?

  • Thomas

    Honestly a baffling shame to call itself a company. And I know what suits are about.

    • Hi Thomas – I’m sorry to hear about your experience. It may have been different for me if I was a normal customer. Thank you for sharing.

  • luke

    My experience with Suitopia was horrible. Suit came very late and did not fit alt all, a fix with a local tailor not possible. Suitopia refused support at all. Conclusion: lost lots of money and have a suit for the garbage. Never ever again!

    • Hi Luke – appreciate your comment. It looks like there has been a common theme here. Your feedback is appreciated and happy to have people share their experiences.

  • Juhani Tamminen

    Ordered a suit from them more than two months in advance for a specific date. Asked on several occasions if it will be delivered on time, was always told that it’ll be sent out next week / in a few days / tomorrow. On the day I finally cancelled the order, they told me that the suit had miraculously been finished just that very moment and was being sent, but it was too late already. Took me three months and the consumer advisers of two countries to get my money back. In my opinion the customer service outright lied on several occasions and was completely unwilling to admit their f-up, or even comply to the law. They kept crying that with tailored products there is no refund policy, even though it’s clearly stated that in a case of a significant delay, the customer is entitled to a full refund. Tailored or not.

    • Hey Juhani – thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad this has become an open forum for people to show their experience.

  • nim set

    I do not recommend Suitopia.

    They sometimes do not honor their perfect fit guarantee and could ignore your support emails when they feel they have to make major changes to your suit.
    Be carefull before spending your money with them.

    • Hi Nim Set – Thank you for the comment. I wasn’t a normal customer so I cannot comment, but this is good to know for potential purchasers.

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  • Tunky

    I bought 3 made to measure 3 piece suits earlier this year:

    1 from a local tailor

    1 from

    1 from

    I’m going to review the 1st 2 services in brief, and the 3rd in detail.

    I bought a navy suit costing about $700 from a local tailor.

    The tailoring was outstanding and is the best fitting suit I have ever owned.

    The fabric was a letdown, I wish I had spent an extra few hundred $ because with better material this could easily have been the best suit I have ever owned.

    I subsequently used the measurements given by this tailor for my online orders.

    From itailor I bought a suit costing just under $200.
    I thought I was buying an olive suit, but as I had been warned in reading around about buying suits online that sometimes the color you see on your screen doesn’t match what you eventually come face to face with – in this case it didn’t match well to what I saw, but it was adequately close to the fabric description of silver sage, so no hard feelings.

    Even so, I was pleased with the purchase – which also was processed and delivered quickly and without complication.

    The quality of the fabric and lining were both excellent.

    The tailoring understandably wasn’t as finely calibrated as my local tailor but it fits well.

    Color precision aside, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend itailor to anybody it is a good service and particularly excellent value for money.

    I have since ordered a 2nd suit from them, and will almost certainly order more in the future.

    To Suitopia’s credit the fabric was good quality and the color exactly matched what I saw on their website, also the fit of the trousers was very nearly as good as my local tailor.

    The jacket sleeves are noticeably shorter than the other 2 jackets I got elsewhere, despite being based on the same measurements. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it does render this (otherwise well fitting) jacket the least good fit of the 3.

    I can’t say that I was pleased with their vest; however this could be just a matter of personal preference. On a good day, I would describe as sparse, on a bad day flimsy/cheap feeling, meanwhile my local tailor’s was moderate and balanced, and itailor’s was substantial – which I like, but others may say it is a touch bulky. I personally didn’t like Suitopia’s vest while I did like the other 2, but others may not share my sentiment on this point.

    The lining Suitopia used was less well tailored into the jacket and vest, and seemed like a cheap, corner-cutting, after thought compared to the other 2 services I used both of whom used substantially better quality and better integrated lining – as far as I can tell. The main fabric felt like it met the (just under) $500 price tag, the lining did not.

    All of these flaws and misgivings I could overlook but for what happened around custom service issues.

    I initially ordered this suit in January.

    Come March I was wondering when I should expect my suit (since the iTailor one had long since arrived), so I logged back in to check and found that my credit card had been rejected and thus the order hadn’t gone through.

    Indeed, a closer inspection of my e-mail revealed that I had missed a message informing me of this later on the same day that I ordered.

    My bad, not theirs.

    That being the case I went ahead and reordered the suit in April with a different credit card which was not rejected.

    It arrived in a timely fashion and while I wasn’t entirely pleased with it, at that time I didn’t consider writing a negative review because I didn’t expect perfection and was basically satisfied with what they delivered.

    It is now August and last week a totally unexpected package turned up from Suitopia. I have not opened it, but it apparently contains a replica of suit that I ordered before.

    As near as I can understand what they did was when I ordered the 2nd suit with the different credit card they retroactively applied the new credit card to the old lapsed order which they themselves had cancelled due to non-payment.

    Exactly why they did this 4 months after the 2nd order and 7 months after the initial order is beyond me.

    In trying to deal with customer services they are totally unrepentant and are blaming me because I didn’t cancel the order – which I obviously didn’t need to do since they had already cancelled it at their end.

    At best they are totally unwilling to take responsibility for the flaw in their online order system that took it upon itself to hijack my 2nd credit card and apply to the earlier order without my permission.

    At worst they looked at their balance sheet and decided they needed another $500 to meet their monthly target and decided to abuse the complications in my earlier transactions to cash in.

    I had been considering ordering a dark green suit from them at some point later this year – albeit with some adjustments to my measurements and a more cautious/meticulous lining selection.

    Instead I am condemning them across multiple websites that discuss and review made-to-measure suits…

    I should add: before I began posting this far and wide I showed it to them to give them one last chance to be reasonable…

    • J

      Hey Tunky,

      Thanks for the well-thought comments. I will briefly touch upon them:

      Local tailor, in my opinion, will always be the way to go if he is skilled at his craft. Nothing beats the hands on experience of the craftsman himself.

      iTailor is solid for the entry-level sartorial mind. To me, they are for the MTM curious and is a few step above high-fashion budget buys for the same price. It really is disappointing they don’t offer higher quality fabric choices.

      Suitopia, I was surprised to see you comment. The customer service was one of the strong points for them with my dealings with the company. They re-made the jacket for me, and nailing the details in the process. It’s interesting to see the differing results (as you can see in the comment section of the iTailor review) which comes with these services. I thought Suitopia put out a solid product, and I love the fabric choices. Hopefully, it was just a one-time thing and you get it all sorted.

      Thanks for reading!


  • david

    when you say you had the jacket remade, does that mean you had to pay for return shipping of the original jacket and wait another month for the new jacket to arrive? seems like an important detail.

    • J

      Hey David – I actually was able to keep both jackets. If you do send it back, I am sure they cover shipping as I have done this with other companies. You do have to wait the time out for the new jacket, but its worth it to get it right! Thanks for reading.