Review: Spectre & Co. White Oxford Shirt

Spectre & Co. is a shirt company based in NY. They have been featured in GQ and are extremely competitive at a price point of $45-$65 a shirt. After speaking with Jeff, one of the founders, they sent over a shirt to review. Jeff is a stand-up guy and invited me into the NY showroom to try on some shirts, but I was unable to make it – still, I appreciate the gesture and we have talked about meeting up in the very near future.

Now to the shirt. The white oxford shirt is exactly what the word “classic” was intended for. Spectre & Co. updates this “timeless” piece while staying true to its roots. The shirt came in a Spectre & Co. standard box, carefully packaged with a thank you note (always a nice touch). Right out the box it has a bit of a uniqueness that makes this shirt identifiable with Spectre & Co., which is a great trait to have when a company is coming out of the gate.

I chose a white oxford for its obvious versatility, and the shirt sports the Spectre & Co. “signature spread collar” so that also played a factor in my decision. You can read about the construction of the shirt along with the meticulous detail that is used for the shirt on their website HERE. I was definitely impressed with the construction of this “Made in China” shirt. I know that can be a frightening term to some, but it definitely is not a worry here IMO. This is a sturdy shirt that seems like it can take a beating, as it will, but time will tell. The collar is a beautiful wide spread without reaching cutaway territory (which they also offer) and is meant to stand tall on its own when the tie is left at home. I really appreciate that in this shirt. I am a fan of soft/washed collar shirts, but a nice stiff collar is always welcome. The fit is slim, but not tight, which gives it a very comfortable fit without the billowing.

Overall, very impressed with the product Spectre & Co. is putting out. They have some great options besides this white oxford, including: denim, checks, stripes, and a couple different collar styles like the #menswear approved cutaway. They also have just launched a collection of scarves and belts, but I have no experience with them. Spectre & Co. has made quite a name for themselves in a short period of time, and I think they will be around for a while, especially with their great prices for an even better product. Kudos fellas.