Review: ShoePassion

SHOEPASSION is the proclaimed “Berlin Shoe Brand.” I cannot remember what/who turned me on to them, but I am happy that I was able to check them out. They offer handmade Goodyear welted shoes that are made in a Spanish factory – with whom they work closely with to ‘cut out the middle man’ in order to keep prices down. They pride themselves on quality and highlight this ‘passion’ in the way they construct their product.

I was able to work with SHOEPASSION to put together this review when they offered to send me out a pair of my choice. There is quite the selection with 3 separate categories to choose from: Formal, Contemporary, and Boots. I went with the No. 577 model – a chocolate brown suede oxford captoe. They reached me in the US in less than a week, and were radiant out the box.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from SHOEPASSION when we first agreed on doing the review. I haven’t seen too much about them on the net, but they did have some very attractive models with the hope of great quality. I was more than excited when I pulled them out and got a first hand look. The suede is buttery soft to the touch, and the shoes construction feels extremely sturdy. The welting of the shoe was clean, and the overall aesthetics of the shoe are beautiful.

Since I have received these, I have reached for them on a numerous of occasions. They are comfortable and seem like they will hold up for the long haul. They exceeded my expectations because I didn’t really have any. This company definitely hits quality on the head, and I absolutely believe these are worth their price tag, as well as being competitive with other shoes in this territory. I am very curious about their non-suede leather, but if they are anything like these bad boys, I’m sure they are solid.

Thank you to the people over at SHOEPASSION for the kicks – they will definitely be showing up on the blog more and more.