Review: Shibumi-Berlin PS

I recently came across the Shibumi brand and was immediately intrigued. I was constantly seeing some of the finest gents I know on the blog-sphere posting about them, and I quickly familiarized myself with the brand. They offer an incredible range of hand-made (in Italy) ties in a wide range of fabrics, as well as gorgeously printed silk and linen pocket squares, along with braces, socks and scarves. They pride themselves on classic style made with tremendous detail and quality. I immediately had to get into contact with the guys over at Shibumi after discovering the brand.

After talking with Benedikt Fries (1/2 of the owners at Shibumi – the other owner is Niels Holdorf), he sent me out a PS of my choice. One thing I have learned from being involved in the #menswear world, thus far, is that there are plenty of stand-up guys – the guys at Shibumi are no different. Within a few days after contact, I was in possession of a gorgeous Shibumi square in a beautiful Ancient Madder silk in forest green. The square dons the tag “Hand Printed in England” and the packaging showed great care, as well as a feel of luxury. Also present in the package was a hand written note from Niels, stating that he was looking forward to my review. There is nothing quite like a hand-written note. It’s the little things like this that seem to separate brands from each other and keep loyal customers.

The pocket square itself is pretty impressive. A very sturdy and thick(-er) silk. I appreciate the quality of the silk that Shibumi uses for their squares because it outshines the flimsy silks used in cheaper pocket squares. The print of the square is meticulous and quite beautiful. It billows very easily when stuffing it in my jacket pocket, portraying a sense of care and ease.

I am very impressed with the overall experience and care that Benedikt and Niels put into their brand. They continuously are adding to the products that they offer. I do not think you can go wrong with any of their products, and I look forward to trying out more of Shibumi in the near future. I want to thank Benedikt and Niels for the opportunity and to keep making an outstanding product.

Note from Niels.