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Rampley & Co. is a newcomer to the menswear accessory game. They bring unique designs and the finest fabrics together to make a most interesting final product. Menswear accessories, especially pocket squares, can be lackluster at times. There are many quality makers out there that offer very similar designs such as paisleys and contrasting borders in silks and cottons. Rampley & Co. go the extra mile in separating their offerings from what else is out there today. Rampley & Co. have a number of different collections that feature Harris Tweeds and depictions of fine art. There are collections featuring art work from English artist William Swainson, as well as the fine art collection that features pieces from J.M.W. Turner, John Singleton Copley and John Martin. These concepts make for some of the most interesting designs you will come across on a pocket square. They even offer bespoke squares! So after speaking with Elliott over at Rampley & Co. about a review, I was very excited to check them out.

Thank you note and collar stays came with the square.

Thank you note and collar stays came with the square.

I decided to go with a piece from the Fine Art collection and chose The Battle of Trafalgar, as Seen from the Mizen Starboard Shrouds of the Victory, originally by Joseph Mallord William Turner. The idea of implementing pictures onto pocket squares are nothing new, but this painting adaption is absolutely stunning. Half the fun is the fact that when folded it is unknown to the naked eye that there is a painting in your pocket. It adds so much depth to the square keeping every fold and puff unique every time its placed in the breast pocket. This piece specifically is quite versatile with a lot of earthy and dark tones that can work with countless looks.


Besides the visuals, the construction and materials are top-notch. The edges are beautifully rolled and the silk is extremely sturdy. Designed and printed in England. The size is also ideal at 16.5×16.5 inches.

A masterpiece.

A masterpiece.

Rampley & Co. has brought an interesting concept to the common world of pocket squares. The unique designs and adaptions of art make for some of the most interesting pieces you can accessorize with. The outcome is a truly beautiful piece of art that is beautifully crafted. I look forward to seeing what else Rampley & Co. has in store for their future pieces and collections.






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– J

Disclaimer: This pocket square was provided for the purpose of this review, but I do my best to provide an unbiased opinion for the good of you, the reader. Thanks for reading!