Review: PointClickTailors

PointClickTailors is a relatively new company offering online MTM services. They offer MTM suits, blazers, shirts, and pants. The company is based out of New Jersey, which was a huge plus being able to communicate with them in my own time zone – it tends to be difficult dealing with overseas companies at times. Frank runs the company, and is a real stand-up guy. We communicated via phone during the whole process, and he really took a hands on approach in the development of the suit – extremely welcome in a process like this. He even offered to hand deliver it to me, but we happened to be too far away from each other at the time – still a nice gesture.

To the details of the suit:

– Navy Three Piece Falkland

– 3/2 Roll

– 4 Inch Lapels

– Jetted Ticket Pocket

– 3 Button Cuff

– Double Breasted Waiscoat

– Single Pleated Trousers with Side Tab Adjusters and Double Waist Clasp

First, the jacket. The jacket fit extremely well. Pretty much perfect. I really loved the way they detailed my extra requests. PTC did a great job nailing all the extra customizations, and they did it with solid construction that really impressed me. The roll of the 3/2 roll is outstanding, the button holes are sewn beautifully – just overall good work on things that tend to be skimped on.

I went with a double breasted waistcoat for a little extra flair. It is something that I have been wanting to add to my wardrobe, so I figured it would be a perfect time to add it. Overall solid, but I do wish there was a way to do measurements for the waistcoat because it was a touch long. I don’t know my waistcoat sizing like I do my suits because this is the first time I have had one MTM, but I am sure Frank would have taken care of me if I showed concern.

Side Tabs.

Finally, the trousers. I went with single pleats, side tab adjusters, double clasp closure, and 2 inch cuffs. The pants may be a touch snug for some, but it worked great for me. They fit well all around and, once again, they did a extremely beautiful job on the details. The waistband, especially, has some great aesthetics (#menswear buzz-word) to it. Pleased, to say the least.

Overall, the suit turned out wonderfully. I ordered this suit in a classic navy with, more or less, classic proportions in hopes to upgrade my navy that’s in the closet now. This shall do the trick admirably. The fabric and construction are definitely praiseworthy and some of the best I have experienced for an online MTM order. The added bonus of talking with Frank on a weekly basis to get things right didn’t hurt at all, and being able to talk on the phone made all the difference in the world. I believe PointClickTailor is a real player in the world of MTM, and from what I have heard from Frank about their future plans, I don’t see them going anywhere but up.