Review: Oliveo Suit

Oliveo is probably unfamiliar to most, as it was to myself when I stumbled upon them. Oliveo is the label that Makeyourownjeans makes their suits under. Yes, very complex, but they make MTM suits so that was enough for me. They sent me out a suit to review since they definitely peaked my interest.

Oliveo worked with me extensively throughout the process, always a plus in my book. This gave me increased hope for a decent final product. They were diligent with working out some of my additional requests, and that worked out for the best.


– “Stretchino” Cotton
– 2×6 Double Breasted Jacket
– 2 Functional Button Cuff
– Patch Pockets
– 4.25 inch Peak Lapels

The pros were many. One of which was the fabric. 100% cotton in a nice shade of beige with a bit of a stretch. Very soft and durable – definitely better than I expected. The construction was pretty solid all the way around. The fit was pretty solid all the way around, except a mishap with the shoulders that I will explain in a second. My additional request included patch pockets and specified lapel width – other than that, I stuck with mostly their offered options.

The cons were few, but still need for mention. Two of my requests were not able to be granted: side tabs and a soft shoulder. They don’t offer side tabs, which was fine, and that’s why they were unable to grant that request. The other, they wanted me to review their standard jacket first and we would look at an unstructured jacket in the future – also, no big deal. The problem came in with the jacket shoulder because it had a pointy-ness to it that required tailoring, which once taken care of, now this is one of my favorite suits.

I had a more than pleasant experience with Makeyourownjeans and was definitely impressed with the final suit under the Oliveo label. The construction and fabric were more than impressive, and the overall product, with a little extra love, came out great. I am happy I was able to get this company on my radar because this is definitely a winner.

The suit in action.