Review: Oliveo Jacket

Feels like Havana…

This is my second go-around with Oliveo from Makeyourownjeans. They boast the fact that the garment is “70% handmade, 30% machine made” – that’s quite the amount of handwork for an online ‘bespoke’ product. The attention to detail is definitely there, and with some minor adjustments from my first order, this one came out lovely.

I decided to go with a 3/4 lined “Italian Linen” jacket in a beautiful shade of tobacco/cigar-like tone. The jacket features wide notch lapels, 3/2 roll closure, dual vent, 4 functional button cuff, 2 patch pockets, and a slightly structured shoulder. There is a great attention to the detail with the only negative being the stitching of the buttonholes.

When first putting on the jacket, I thought the gorge was a little low and that the shoulder was a little too structured. I am attracted to the Italian flair of a soft shoulder, raised gorge, and a hint of sprezz – but shortly after I got out of that narrow minded outlook that I’ve grown to love, I noticed a different type of feeling that I wasn’t originally looking for when I was designing this jacket.

This jacket took me to another place, a different culture. A lightness suitable for a sunset on a Caribbean beach veering into a night of music and mambo. A color that brought about an aroma of burning cigars with whiskey and rum. Looking in the mirror, looking back into another time where the details seem relevant and fresh. This jacket aligned me in a era that was unfamiliar, but also somewhere I know so much about. Somewhere comfortable. It was Havana, Cuba. The 40’s maybe the 50’s. Its a time that is part of me. But that’s a story for another day.

I regress. Maybe I gave myself too much to time to think about it. Maybe I’m just rambling. I don’t know, but this jacket is solid. I lucked it out it was a warmer Sunday where I could get a quick wear out of it before the temperature dips low for good. Oliveo does so much right, and I look forward to the heat to return so that we can do this again.