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Cutaway collar from MTailor

Cutaway collar from MTailor

MTailor is an app-based made-to-measure shirt company. MT uses an innovative technology that allows you to measure yourself with your phone. They claim to measure 20% more accurately than a tailor would, which is definitely a bold claim. After talking with Haynes from MTailor, we decided to go through the process and review the outcome.


What separates MTailor is the fact that they are an app-based company and that you are measured by the camera of your phone. I was really excited to try it out, but kept my expectations minimal because of the mixed reviews I read online. To get the “perfect” fit by only standing in front of your phone for 30 seconds seems too good to be true. Obviously MTailor is moving in an innovative direction for tailoring, as some other companies have with 3D scanners to perfect measurements, but this is the only company I know that makes it as easy as the touch of a finger, and taking a quick spin in your underwear.

To walk through the process, you begin by selecting the shirt fabric followed by a few simple options for designing the shirt, such as collar style, cuff style, monogram, etc. After finishing the design is when the fun begins. First, you must be in spandex or underwear to receive the most accurate measurements. By leaning your phone against the wall at the correct angle, you walk back 10 feet so that your whole body is in the designated box on the app. Once this happens, you raise your hands and waddle in a circle slowly so that the app can read your body and measure you. It was an interesting experience, and not like any other measuring process I have been a part of. Very easy and quick, and the results were solid. I did ask to see my measurments before the shirt was made so I could make any minor adjustments – I reduced the chest, stomach, and seat by 1 inch, but the rest seemed to be pretty solid – I didn’t want to mess with the measurements too much because I wanted to see how accurate it was. The overall fit was really good, and it came out quite well in my opinion.

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Besides the new technology, there were some other things that stuck out. The variety of fabrics they had was pleasantly surprising. There were very minimal customizations, which was probably less than most other online MTM companies, but that is understandable with the fact that its an app and things could get messy quickly. That leads to my next point about the fact that the app and usage was very clean and very easy to use, which is ideal for this concept. MOP buttons included is always nice. Prices start at $69 so that is also on par with the competition.


Overall, I ended up with a pretty good fitting shirt. The sleeves are a tad long, but the shirt fits well in the torso and hugs the body nicely. Its not a perfect fit (still a solid fit), but I feel like they can only get better, and that is exciting – not just for MTailor, but for the rest of the tailoring world. MTailor represents our changing and evolving world, and this technology will only get better. MT does a lot well, and I look forward to seeing the progress get better, and even perhaps venture into suits, jackets, and trousers.

Quick Fit Shot

Quick Fit Shot

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Disclaimer: This shirt was received for the purpose of this review. I do my best to give my unbiased opinion on the product for the benefit of the reader. Thanks!

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