Review: ModernTailor Trousers

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I was able to grab myself a shirt and a pair of trousers from Modern Tailor when they gave me a voucher to try out their product. I praised the quality and fit of the shirt last week and this week will be no different when it comes to their pants.

First, the customer service was great (as I previously mentioned). I made a typo in my measurements of the trousers and MT was quick to send me an email, telling me that they thought I made a mistake. I was relieved when they contacted me and I saw the error because it would have resulted in some extremely ill-fitting pants. Thanks MT!

As the shirt, I went with the recommended option of measuring your best fitting pair of pants to do the measurements. I did this, as well as making some minor adjustments to get the fit just right (once again, be weary of this). This method worked extremely well because I was able to gain a more custom fit then the pants I measured, which is awesome! My only small disappointment was I wish I made the leg opening a tad smaller, but this was my mistake and had nothing to do with MT because they followed my measurements exactly.

The quality of these trouser was no different than the shirt. I was extremely surprised with the construction and overall feel of the fabric. You go into this process thinking that the quality might not be there at the price point, but I was very happy and had my expectations exceeded.

My experience with Modern Tailor has been a pleasant one and I am truly happy they gave me the opportunity to try them out. I definitely see myself returning as a customer because being a slimmer and shorter guy makes it pretty difficult buying OTR and tailoring just about everything is the only option. Overall, great product and service. Two thumbs up from this guy.