Review: ModernTailor Suit

ModernTailor is one of the more well-known online MTM tailors. Their shirts are praised by many (including myself) and have built up a solid reputation across the net. I spoke with MT about their suits and after some back-and-forth, we decided to do a showcase (more so than a review) of one of their suits (they even sent me another shirt!). I will offer up some overall thoughts on the process, but the focus will be on the details of my suit. By the way, the suit is a COLD-BLOODED KILLA! (That means I really like it….)


– 100% Wool in Brown ($299 range)
– 3/2 Roll Button Closure
– 4.25 inch Peak Lapels
– Slightly Roped Shoulder
– Patch Pockets
– Pick Stitching
– Functional Cuffs
– Side Tab Adjusters
– 1.75 Inch Cuff

I went with a thicker Brown wool fabric from their $299 range. Very soft and will be great for cooler days – thinking 3 seasons. I am missing a Brown suit from the rotation, so now seemed like the perfect opportunity to fill that void. For the measuring, I did the ‘measure your best fitting suit’ with a combination of different pieces of jackets and pants – dangerous, but successful.

Jacket: I have been in a love affair with the 3/2 roll and wide peak lapel combo – this suit just added gas to the fire. If you’re familiar with the show ‘Suits’, I have been calling this combo the Harvey Specter. The shape of the peak lapel is perfect, and MT did an outstanding job filling this request. To me, this is the most attractive quality of my suit because the FU 4.25 inch lapels can do no wrong in my eyes, but I know its not everyone’s cup of tea. For the rest of the jacket, I went with patch pockets and functional cuffs. I also went with a slightly roped shoulder with no shoulder padding for a more natural structure.

Trousers: The trousers are bangin’, as well. The side tab adjusters are becoming a must on every MTM/Bespoke pair of trousers I have gotten recently. I like the adjusters that MT uses over the d-rings that some other places use. For the rest of the trousers, there is a slight taper to the leg opening, along with a 1.75 inch cuff.

Side tab adjusters.

Overall: To give a small bit of pros/cons – the suit fits awesome besides a touch loose in the waist of the trousers (my fault with measurements, but easy fix), the fabric is great for the price, and they nailed the details – so I guess no real cons. I have been more than pleased with everything I have received from ModernTailor. They even received some brownie points with me when they told me I could add a shirt to my order, as well (since I have already done a review on their shirt you can read it HERE – I am very happy with the shirt, as well!). This suit is definitely one of my new favorites and MT did a great job hitting all the details on the head to really show my tastes and style. I don’t really see any reason why I wouldn’t get another suit from them – it’s the bomb-diggity (.)