Review: ModernTailor Shirt

Next up on the online MTM services is Modern Tailor. I was initially attracted to MT because of the raving reviews I have read throughout many forums and reviews. MT seemed to be one of those rare commodities that combined quality and fit with a more than competitive price. This was indeed the case.

I approached Modern Tailor about the possibility of me reviewing some of their products, and they gave me a voucher to try out some of their products. I chose a shirt and a pair of trousers – trousers next week. Lets talk about the shirt.

First and foremost, the customer service was great – especially the fix they made for a crucial mistake I made on measurements of the pants. I was having some trouble getting my order through, but they responded extremely quick and took care of everything right away. A nice touch was when they sent me a picture of my finished product before they sent it out.

They recommend that you measure your best fitting shirt – so I went down that route, making my own slight adjustments to make sure it was a great custom fit (be weary doing that…). The fit is impeccable.

One of my biggest, pleasant surprises was the quality of the shirt – it far exceeded my expectations. The 19.99 price tag (for new customers) definitely makes you think twice about the quality, but it was incredible and I can guarantee you will not find another option at that price point that will compete with this quality.

MT has a great amount of options, as well, to really make the shirt your own. The site is extremely user friendly and straightforward. The shirt collar was exactly what I was looking for, the touch of MOP buttons is always a plus and with a brief message to MT, I was able to get my monogram exactly where I wanted.

I am pleased with my experience with Modern Tailor and they far exceeded my expectations.

ModernTailor blue oxford shirt.