Review: iTailor Suit

iTailor is a familiar name on SbN. They have been featured on the blog a couple of times, and this time I bring a suit review. After speaking with iT about the possibility of reviewing a suit, they sent me a voucher to try out the process.

iTailor does many things well when it comes to their service and products. The price can be a deterrent to many, but an online MTM suit starting at $189 – its not too shabby.

iT always does a good job with packaging and delivery when the suit is delivered. The suit arrived in a velvet bag and an always welcomed garment bag. Now to the suit.


– 2×4 Double Breasted
– Patch Pockets
– Wide Peak Lapels
– Soft Shoulder
– Functional Cuffs
– Side Tab Adjusters and a Single Pleat

The jacket was came out nicely. The construction is as good as you’ll get in this price range, if not better. iT nailed most of the details on the head. The buttons seemed to be a step up from most online MTM services that don’t offer horn/MOP options. The button holes also show some focus on detail, being cleaning sewn without loose threads – something that impressed me.

Side Tab Adjusters.

The trousers also showed attention to detail. The side table adjusters were pretty sturdy, the cuffs contained cuff guards, and the waist features the non-slip grip to keep your shirt tucked better. They were able to accommodate all my requests for the pants.

The fit was pretty good, but very (very!) slim. There is not much allowance, if any, with the slim fit measurements – keep that in mind when doing your measurements. I did have to get the chest let out, as well as the seat of the pants. That was a bit disappointing, but I understand the difficulty of the variation of allowances from each online MTM service. Also, they don’t offer pick stitching, which is not a big deal, but a detail I like.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the suit. The fabric is decent for what it is, and they nailed my detail requests. After I had alterations done, the suit fits great and will definitely be in rotation from now on. At $189, its not a bad choice.

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  • Karl142

    Over two months back I ordered two suits and two shirts, both of these were for my son and I.

    Neither of the suit trousers fitted the measurements were completely out.

    Of the Jackets only one has ever arrived!

    The one that did arrive was screwed up in a bag, totally creased so badly that the collar just wouldn’t press out.

    One day we might get the other one, but after many emails to itailor all without response I’m not going to hold my breath!!

    Lastly the shirts, these were nicely made and just as we designed – unfortunately we’d both need to have our arms surgically shortened to get any use from them, we went for double cuffs and even when these were fully extended they only just reach my wrists.

    All in all a total joke, a waste of money and a complete waste of time.

    I spent about £500 with these jokers and they won’t even answer my emails.

    If you have money you’d like to waste, I’d recommend them, for that they’re the best but don’t expect anything in return.

    • J

      Hey Karl,

      That is really unfortunate. There are definitely some horror stories online with a lot of online MTM companies, and its pretty disappointing to know that customers are treated that way.

      I luckily did not have the same experience, and I do hope they respond to you because I definitely wasn’t treated this way. I in no way support those actions, and my experience is based on business rather than as a personal customer.

      Good luck, and I hope it all works out.