Review: iTailor Shirt

The online MTM game can be a scary, difficult, frustrating, etc. thing to step into.  There are tons and tons of online “bespoke” services that claim to give you the perfect fit.  iTailor is one of the more known places due to their extremely competitive pricing and fit.

While searching for willing services to partake in my product reviews, I came across iTailor, who had no hesitation to let me try out their product for the blog.  They gave me a voucher for a shirt and let me on my way to playing with their site full of options.  I was overwhelmed (in a good way) by all of the different options they offered from fit to fabrics to color to texture. Beyond those options, they have plenty of other options that allow you to really have some fun with your shirt (if that’s what you’re looking for.)  From colored threads, contrasting cuffs/collar and monograms – there is a lot to choose from.  I kept it relatively simple with their basic white shirt.

Before I get into the fit, I was extremely impressed with their customer service.  I had some small difficulties with the voucher and expressed a few concerns about some other things and they took care of everything right away, always answering me within the day.  You have to love their attention to the customer.

For the measurements, I went with my own measurements, and I would recommend you have your tailor do this for the best results.  I was extremely happy with how it came out and the “Slim Fit” option was a nice touch to make sure it fit close to the body for a slim guy like myself.

Very happy with the experience and outcome of the shirt.  And for the price tag, you probably will not find a better fitting option.

iTailor’s cutaway collar.