Review: hook+ALBERT Loafer Liners

Summer is in the air. As soon as the weather warms up, socks begin to disappear. A lot of gents are uncomfortable going sockless, or they just want to spare their brand new suede loafers from smelling like the inside of gym bag – understandable. That is where the loafer liner comes to mind and one name is synonymous with the sockless sock: hook+ALBERT. h+A has been accessorizing men with the most diverse, necessary and funnest options for men to add those final personal touches to their look day in and day out.

h+A has been a constant supporter of mine (which I am very grateful) and they were very generous in offering up a pair of their famous loafer liners for me to review. I am one of those gents who want to go sockless, but does not want to be sockless. h+A has the perfect solution with these bad boys. There are a lot of variations that I have personally tried out from different sources. These options from h+A are by far the best loafer liners I have used. They absorb well (as a sock should), there is a gel heel pad that keeps them from slipping and they are very comfortable. The no slippage is a huge factor, as many know who have tried out loafer liners. With these from h+A, that has not been a problem at all through multiple wears and washes. Also, a great variety of colors to add some serious pop when you’re walking through airport security.

These liners are definitely some of the best, if not the best option on the market. I want to thank hook+ALBERT for the opportunity and for the constant support they have put to this blog. Cheers.