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Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. This is the model that tie-maker David Fin is building their brand on. Each tie comes with a greeting card that reads “Our brand is founded on the belief that every veteran deserves to have a job and reason to put on a tie each day.” David Fin is helping veterans gain employment through the Hiring Heroes initiative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. This brand represents a helping hand to those in need, and lends a reminder of the bigger picture in life. I commend David Fin for their initiative, and I encourage all to support our troops, as well as others in need.


Now to take a closer look at the ties David Fin is producing. Each tie is handmade in New York City and is made from the “finest textiles” and “top mills” in Como, Italy. They claim to be bringing luxury at a savings through their process, and I believe they have done just that. After speaking with David from the company, we decided on taking a couple ties for a spin to review. Each tie is hand cut, folded, and lined with Italian wool, which gives it just enough heftiness to hold a beautiful knot. The ties themselves absolutely feel luxurious and the construction is top notch. The pricing is $85-$105, which is well-warranted for the ties David Fin is putting out. They also have a decent selection, with probably one of the most varied selection of grenadine silks ties that I have seen.


I chose to go with the Navy Grenadine tie and a wool/silk blend Burgundy Floral tie. I have been in the market for a navy grenadine tie, and David Fin seemed to have exactly what I was looking for – I was right! Both ties come in the perfect width of 3.25 inches (as does the rest of their ties). The silk on the grenadine tie is beautiful and ties an absolutely stunning knot. The wool/silk blend feels more luxurious in your hands because of the smoothness of the texture, and also ties an incredible knot. Each tie has an ever-appropriate “camo-fin” tipping, which is a B-A camo pattern. The only thing that I am craving from this tie is a hand-rolled edges, but that is more of a nit-pick than anything.

Camo-Fin Tipping

Camo-Fin Tipping

The ties are stunning, extremely well-made, beautiful Italian materials, Made in the USA, and look amazing. David Fin hits on all the qualities you want on a well-made tie, and on top of that, they are doing their part in helping our troops. So a salute from SbN is deserved. Be sure to go to to learn more about their mission, and do your part by grabbing an amazing tie while your at it!










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– J

Disclaimer: These ties were provided for the purpose of this review, but I make sure to do my best to give an unbiased opinion for the benefit of the reader. Thank you.