Review: Camiceria Olga MTM Shirt

Camiceria Olga seems to be one of those under-the-radar gems on the internet. They have been bespoke shirt makers since 1948 in Via Comelico, and they have expanded into doing online orders for customers outside of Italy. They offer high quality fabrics from Thomas Mason, Cotonifico Albini, and Canclini.

I was excited to give them a try when Ciro offered me a shirt. I have heard very little about them, but they boasted the “handmade in Milan” and “artisan” titles, while claiming to maintain the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Also, making it a point to offer quality at an affordable price – never an easy task. But as soon as the shirt arrived, I was sold.

I worked extensively (more so than any other review I have done) with Ciro on creating my shirt. We went through many fabric swatches, as well as him giving me a glimpse at some summer fabrics that he had not made available yet online. I ended up choosing a blue linen fabric that will get some serious play this coming season.

The process of creating the details of your shirt are as straightforward as the online MTM process gets – very simple, which is a plus because it keeps you from getting over the stop with customizing. I went with a club collar, barreled cuffs, monogram on the left rib cage (no extra cost), and MOP buttons to finish it off.

When the shirt arrived, it fit beautifully. I have had great success with online MTM shirting, and this was no different. The quality was superb, and the attention to detail does not go unnoticed. The linen fabric is beautiful and soft. It definitely is up there, quality wise, with some other options I have in my closet. Very impressed.

Overall, this shirt is well worth the price tag (starting at ~$75). It felt different than ordering from other online MTM services – maybe I am bias because I had a lot of back-and-forth with Ciro, but I do believe there is a difference because this is a bespoke workshop that has been around for decades rather then what online MTM has become. I hope to visit the actual workshop sometime in the future, and they have gained a new customer in this guy.

Be sure to check out Camiceria Olga online at and check this shirt out in action HERE – thanks to Ciro and Camiceria Olga for the opportunity!