Review: Alara Denim Shirt

Alara may be a new name to you, but it is very possible that they may have made something that you have in your closet right now. Their European factory has been making shirts for major retailers and designers for the past 20 years. I wasn’t able to squeeze who these brands may be – gotta appreciate the secrecy. This is where the Alara brand comes in. Just this year, they began their webshop to sell directly from their factory to the consumer. The result, great quality and priced shirts.

I came in knowing next to nothing about Alara when we first arranged the review for a shirt. I first heard of them through Dan from TSBMen. I spoke with Phil over at Alara, and we came to conclusion to do this review with the Italian Indigo Denim Shirt – (*pats self on back* “good choice, J.. good choice.”)

I was on prowl for a lighter denim shirt with a cutaway collar, so I’m glad Alara had the option. The shirt is part of their ‘Sport’ shirt collection and is made from oh-so-soft Egyptian cotton. All the details from the collar to buttons are on-point and the construction is absolutely exceptional. The only thing that it runs a little big in the body and arms on me for a size small. The size small comes with a 15 inch neck, which was perfect, but just a bit of extra room – nothing that’s going to stop me from wearing it, but may eventually take a trip to the tailor to make the fit perfect.

Overall, this review was especially satisfying because I was able to fill a void in my sartorial-filled-heart, and found a shirt that almost perfectly fit the idea I had in head for a denim shirt that I no longer have to look for. Great styling, great color, great collar, great fabric, a great shirt.

Thank you to the people over at Alara for the opportunity and keep turning out these incredible shirts!