Quick Trip to NYFWM SS17

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New Era Caps / Caruso Jacket / SuitSupply Shirt / Vintage Tie / Bespoke Trousers

Things have been slow on SxN.  Due to recent life events and a new job, the last couple months have been reserved to the (mostly) daily updates on instagram via the old iPhone.  With that said, there is no shortage of content if you have been following along on social media, but the editorial fix has suffered.  Although I can’t promise that things will improve drastically, I have been working with companies to bring some new content, as well as have been making sure I cut out the time to hit some events in the industry.  So be sure to stay tuned and follow on social media for daily content.

Back to the title of the post and keep in line with my previous statements, I only had a few hours this season of NYFWM to check out a couple shows and the scene.  During my quick trip, I was able to spend some time at the Clarkson where I hung out with the guys at New Era who set up a collab with the CFDA on some head-wear.  Always a fun time down at the shows and the extracurricular activities outside of the main venues.  I also want to thank all the guys who were able to keep me informed with the rest of the shows going on, while I couldn’t be there physically.

Stay tuned for some new things coming this way, and until then, be sure to follow on instagram and tumblr.


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