Midtown Brown

Suitsupply Suit / Proper Cloth Shirt / Guilded Age Tie / Drake’s PS / Shoepassion

[Photos by Sebastian Pilch.]

Midtown Manhattan.  Steps beyond the crowded flurry that is Grand Central Terminal is the home of corporate offices for most white collar business (except for those who have fled downtown).  Park Avenue. Madison Avenue. Lexington. Etc.  From 9-5… or 6… or 7… or 12… the streets are full of business men and women throughout the day.  These never ending buildings, that continue to grow taller and taller, are full of gray and blue.  A story that has been reiterated time and time again from sartorial aficionados alike, with even more misdirected talk of rebelling against the business standard with colorful socks and statement shoes.

Now, a capsule wardrobe of blues, grays and browns has always been appealing.  I can say that these Midtown occupants are sure to be hovering within that territory with a wardrobe so consistent of blue and gray suits and blue and white shirts that it is almost envious, but I am often pulled towards another direction.  With that, the brown business suit, if such a name is appropriate.

The often forget suiting shade of brown has been beaten to death.  By myself included.  But its worth mentioning from time-to-time of its versatility and well deserved place in business districts across the globe.  A shade that leans towards gray makes the transition easier, as can be seen here.  A double breasted option is always fun, but a topic for another discussion.  To me, this is a very nostalgic look that could be reminiscent of those old Esquire magazine illustrations or tailoring advertisements from the 40’s and 50’s.  Something I would consider to be very “Midtown Manhattan” if that means anything to you.

With that said, tailoring is very nostalgic, and with that, the past is great source of inspiration.  Keeping a palette of blue, brown, and gray does not need to be boring – here going for a knit tie and hidden button down collar in a slight micro check kicks things up a notch without being too in your face.  Brown always means business – no matter how you bring it into your look.

Know the rules. Then bend them.

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