Interview: Juho of The Nordic Fit

“Sartorial passion with a Finnish flair” reads the headline of Juho’s blog, The Nordic Fit. The sartorial passion that Juho has is extremely vivid through his daily posts and write ups. He demonstrates a viable understanding of the details that make a well-made garment an art form. Juho gets what works, and he does it in a way that is neither flashy, nor boring. I cannot find the words that describe it, but then again it may just be that “Finnish flair” that he is talking about.

We were able to catch up with The Nordic Fit himself, and take a deeper look into what makes this guy who he is. Observe:

Tell us about your blog, The Nordic Fit, and how it came about?
I was actually living in the US at the time, and wanted to start networking in the style industry and basically just documenting my style. I quickly found “my thing” and how I wanted to develop the site, and have so far been aiming for a simple, professional and presentable site that would offer both information and inspiration to a wide audience.

What about menswear intrigues you?
I find the combination of classic men’s style and the more fashion-forward elements found in menswear perfect for my own taste. The classic side provides such things as fit, color and the styles of clothing whereas the other side keeps the end result modern.

Where do your inspiration come from when your putting together your look for the day?
I mostly think about the season and the weather outside. This is especially true during spring, summer and the fall season. Sometimes though, it’s harder to describe where the inspiration comes from – it can simply be the mood I have when getting up in the morning.

Your headline on your website is “sartorial passion with a Finnish flair” – explain that for us.
Heh, I can try. I suppose I was feeling kind of homesick at the time, and wanted to do something also brought out Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. In a way I think my style in general does resemble how we usually prefer quite simple and clean aesthetics. At the end of the day it’s just my interpretation of menswear so whether it is very Nordic or not is left up to the viewer to decide.

The simplicity of your day-to-day style cannot be overlooked. What attracts you to the more “classic” pieces?
Over the years I’ve grown to love very basic pieces in what I wear. Timeless, classic pieces with a great fit, great materials and fresh colors is really the key to my personal style. That said, I don’t really see my style as overly conservative but more like a balance between classic aesthetics and some even quite fashion-forward ideas.

Blue jacket, khaki trousers. A combination that can be found throughout your blog and I, too lean on those mainstays. Why is it important for men to nail the basics?
Some things simply work better than others. Navy and khaki are colors that complement each other perfectly, and when combined with quality materials and a perfect fit that’s really all you need. Also, you have to be able to walk before you can run, so it’s good to be able to pull of some easier and basic outfits before starting going all out sprezzatura. I personally enjoy a clean look with vibrant colors that work well together, so I suppose I’m naturally drawn to wear somewhat similar and “basic” looks. Often less is more.

The menswear world is an ever-changing one. What changes have you seen on your side of the globe, as well as the rest of the world?
An interesting question. I suppose one end seems to be taking it further away from reality where as some are toning it down. In Finland the trend is definitely to go more “street” and casual, but the whole scene isn’t that big here so that hardly gives a terribly good overall picture. I prefer to follow my own taste and am myself not that much into the far ends so I have to admit I’m not the best person to comment on those “latest developments”.

You seem to be a big endorser of SuitSupply. They should sponsor you! What attracts you to them time and time again?
They should! And yes, I do own a great deal of clothing from them, some of them excellent, some good and some not so good. The thing about SuitSupply is, that pretty much like any brand, 80% of their collections are seriously overstyled and not really wearable. The other 20% on the other hand, offers some great things that offer good bang for the buck. After going through most of their wares in the past few years I’ve found their products that work for me – shirts, trousers and some jackets. In these categories I’ve found it hard to find many good alternatives when it comes for value for money.

Your house is on fire. You can only grab one item. What is it?
My navy LBM 1911 jacket. Or my new OM-D.

What makes Juho SuaveByNautre?
Heh. What makes me suave.. I suppose my taste for simple aesthetics? I couldn’t say really.