Interview: Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Photographer of the year, highly acclaimed book by NY Times (100 Beards, 100 Days), has worked with fashion heavyweights such as Ted Baker and has had his work placed in periodicals everywhere you can imagine, including GQ. That is just a short list of the many accomplishments from photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce. He brings his personal insight into the world and highlights fashion in a way many other cannot capture. Mr. Pryce works well outside of the fashion realms, but shares a deep passion for this culture and we are lucky that someone as talented as he shares his talents with the world — where he has been rightly praised for it.

“Why you blog/photograph about menswear/fashion/style”
I’ve always loved design and clothing is a type that touches everyones lives. It’s also very important socially – how we build our persona based on our outfits is fascinating and that’s why I started doing street style photography. I remember coming across the Sartorialist blog in 2007 and noticing how the documentation of street clothing really touched people, that’s where it all started.

“Was there a moment where you decided fashion was important to you?. What/Who inspires your posts?”
I’ve always had an interest in style, but I think it was in my high school art class that I really started to consider it more clearly. My art teacher used to bring in old editorial fashion magazines – Vogue, Haper’s Bazar, W – and I’d just devour them. It was the photography that really caught my attention and that’s stuck in my mind ever since.

“What is style to you?”
Style is timeless and personal. It’s something that can’t really be taught, it’s an innate understanding.