Interview: Fabio Attanasio of The Bespoke Dudes

Fabio is a menswear aficionado capturing the gracefulness of his vision of style and fashion through the streets of Italy — and the world. He runs the website The Bespoke Dudes where you’ll find personal interviews with some of the most sartorially inclined men across the nation as well as photos of himself in some impeccable threads. We will take a look into the mind of Fabio and throughout the week we will see what items Mr. Attanasio finds essential to his arsenal.

Style: ”I would describe my style as a constantly evolving classic. I love experimenting, pairing different fabrics, textures, colours and patterns, always trying to keep a balance. Style is obviously not only related to what you wear, but rather to how you wear your clothes and how you make them yours. It’s all about proportions, fabrics, cut, details, accessories, colour-matching, nuances and, last but not least, demeanor and savoir-faire. I agree with those who say “elegance means forgetting what you are wearing”.”

Inspiration: ”I get a lot of inspiration from my trips and my fantasy: in 2010 I spent one month and half in China and in 2011 I lived in Buenos Aires for 6 months. I also love observing some classy friends of mine, people in the street and whoever surrounds me, but mostly I’m an avid reader of menswear blogs.”

Why I’m blogging? ”Given my passion for clothes and men’s elegance, at the beginning of 2012 I realized that I was always looking at foreign blogs in order to find inspiration. In Italy, strangely enough, nobody in the blogosphere was fully reflecting my ideal of style and elegance. I felt like an unconventional point of view was missing, thus I decided to address my blog to all those modern gentlemen out there who share my same passions: women, clothes, dogs, interior design, trips and other haberdasheries.

The Bespoke Dudes blog will likely grow along with me and I keep my fingers crossed as for the future.”