Interview: Anton of Anton/Helsinki

I like to get to know people in the blogosphere that I find inspiration from and appreciate their individualism. Anton is one of those guys. He has been covering menswear (and beyond) for quite sometime, and I personally look forward to his posts on Anton / Helinski. From his extensive coverage of Pitti to his most recent look inside of Mr. Ignatious Joseph’s apartment, he brings a unique POV to this internet thing. Its awesome.

I was able to learn a little bit more about Anton and get a first hand look into his vision:

Tell us a little bit about how you got started with your blog, Anton / Helsinki?
In 2008, when I started Anton / Helsinki, there weren’t too many blogs to follow. So every time I would find a good picture I would save it on my desktop. After a while I decided to start writing my own blog, where I would gather everything that inspires me.

What’s inspires you about menswear, and how does it translate into your posts?
There are many things that inspire me about menswear, but I especially like to post pictures of the people “behind” menswear companies and stores that are many times selling their own personal style.

This world we are so passionate about is an ever changing one. How do you feel about the constant evolution of “style” and “fashion”?
To me, this is quite natural in many ways. People tend to want something new and companies have to keep the business going by offering something new every season (although, “new” doesn’t have to mean completely new, but something we haven’t seen for a while.)

How do you feel your geographic location affects your daily looks?
I have the chance to wear some great coats and to do some serious layering. Also, because the fall and winter season is relatively long in Scandinavia, I personally own more clothing for this season than for spring and summer.

Cliché question: how would you describe your personal style?
Cliché answer: Classic with a twist… Just kidding! 😀

I really like classical pieces but I always want to mix it up by adding a little bit of color or an interesting pattern.

Ricci and Anton

I have seen you at Pitti the last couple of years (and you’re absolutely killing it). Is this more of a personal trip, or is it for work (and pleasure…)?
Thank you, Sir. Pitti Uomo for me is a nicely balanced trip of both work and pleasure.

Expand a little bit about your experience at Pitti – the love and dislike (if any) of the event?
Love (to list a few of many): To see the people I know and to meet new people. The collections and people behind them. Seeing the “superstars” in real life (Lino, Luca, Ignatious etc). Nights out @ terrace of Gilli (and Paszkowski).

No dislikes.

What is your favorite of-the-moment “trend”?
Everything double-breasted; coats, jackets, suits and vests(on a 3-piece suit).

I get this question from time to time, and I like to ask my interviewees it – what is your “perfect outfit”?
Depends a little bit on the season, but basically:
A good jacket, a Schoffa mtm shirt, PT01 cotton trousers, a pair of brown monk straps or tassel loafers + my usual accessories (watch, bracelets, pocket square, lapel flower, belt)

Your house has just been invaded by an unknown species of wild pandas (?) and you can only grab one thing from your home – what is it?
Not a thing, a person: my girlfriend.

What makes Anton Suavebynature?
My passion for style and la dolce vita.