Inspiration | Pitti Uomo 88

The 4 day fair has wrapped up, and the partakers have made their way to Milan. Pitti draws a lot of complaints from observers about the obvious “peacocking” and the prominence of photographers covering the event, but I enjoy it. For 4 days, men and women alike gather in Firenze for the fair, and thanks to the internet, we get some great visuals of inspiration – from the clothes to the scenery of Italy. Sure there is some peacocking going on, but who cares – its the attire that the event calls for just like any other event. Bottom line, there is a lot to take from some of the most stylish men in the world, and here is some of my favorite shots.

Mr. Raro with Ms. Sebastiani

Great color shirt for a beige suit

Alan from the Armoury

The B&T boys

Lots of play on the color pink at Pitti

As always, double breasted jackets and suits were there in plenty

Khaled always brings his A game

The color olive was a theme to be seen at Pitti

A more subdued look

Crew shots are always solid


Photos: Robert Spangle for GQ