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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: dressing is a form of art.  Art and menswear go hand-in-hand.  Craftsmanship, detail, purpose, feeling, etc., are all relevant characteristics for both worlds – worlds that tend to intertwine together almost organically.  Few brands in today’s commercial market are able to capture such a sequence, but many on the up-and-up have done so graciously.  Enter R. Culturi.

Who Are They?

R. Culturi is an accessories brand geared towards both men and women.  They offer ties, pocket squares, and scarves all crafted in Italy.  What makes them most intriguing is the concept behind each design: Every piece in the R. Culturi collection is an original work created by a selection of handpicked artists from around the globe.  It’s refreshing to see a brand, such as R. Culturi, who has highlighted the creativity of various artists and combined that with their accessories to lend a platform to those who may fly under the radar.  Its an incredible concept with a great message.

The Creation

Handpicking artists to design each piece brings a whole new level to design and creativity.  It becomes very personal with such a though-provoking process.  R. Culturi makes that known through each one of their collections – all carrying their own individuality, but having a similar feel that keeps everything together and seamless.

R. Culturi allows the artists free-range to truly highlight their vision.  With minimal direction, outside of some nuances that come with designing accessories, each piece brings to life a different idea and feeling that only art is able to capture.  This process is ideal for those looking for “something special” or unique when it comes to everyday accessories that can become dull at times.

Once the designs are in place, each piece is made in Como, Italy within family owned mills and factories from start to finish.

The Product

With much thought and effort, it is easy to see the beauty in each piece.  Only having been able to give the tie and pocket square a test drive, I can say that they are a quality products.  Handrolled edges on the pocket square.  The tie is tipped with the same fabric, as well as creates a beautiful knot that’s not too hefty.  Both made of silk that has a nice drape to it.  Both very fine products that would be welcome in anyone’s rotation.

R. Culturi has accomplished a beautiful partnership of art and style.  The finished product is excellently crafted, and the designs offer something special, together creating a masterpiece.  Showing that these two world’s belong together.

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