Day 1 Look from NYFWM

Jacket Made in Japan / +J Rollneck / Suit Company PS / Uniqlo Trousers / Allen Edmonds Shoes / PH. SEBASTIAN PILCH

The first day of NYFWM was a gloomy one.  Mother nature couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain or shine, but nonetheless, a fun day.  My look, unintentionally, matched that of the weather.  Dark, gloomy, lugubrious (word of the day).  Also, heavily Japanese influenced from each piece.

The rollneck has found its way into my rotation more-and-more after picking up a few this season.  This light merino wool pick is from the +J collection from Uniqlo.  A solid choice on an unseasonably warm-ish day in February.

Sticking with a monochrome look, I went with this double-breasted club blazer that I picked up in Tokyo at the end of the year.  It is a beautiful wool/silk mix with silver buttons and patch pockets.  A perfect demonstration of the Japanese take on American prep executed beautifully.

Wool square from the Suit Company (also picked up in Japan) with a slight brightness of color, a pair of cotton trousers from Uniqlo, and single monks from Allen Edmonds to finish it off.  Love the feeling of keeping everything relatively casual and relaxed.






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