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The Sunday Coffee | Lafayette

  Where: Lafayette Drinking: Americano – Sundays are made for the coffee shop.  Whether its starting the day bright and early or catching up on some rest to start Monday feeling fresh, a Sunday isn’t complete without a trip to the coffee shop.  I’ve become fond of the ritual.  Even if its just a quick stop at the counter and take…

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Quick Trip to NYFWM SS17

Things have been slow on SxN.  Due to recent life events and a new job, the last couple months have been reserved to the (mostly) daily updates on instagram via the old iPhone.  With that said, there is no shortage of content if you have been following along on social media, but the editorial fix has suffered.  Although I can’t…

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The Traditional Shave

This post represents my desire to expand the content of SbN. It is categorized under “Lifestyle”, but basically is anything that isn’t tailoring, shoes, or accessories related to those. Now to a little bit about my shaving habits. I grew up in NY, and have been receiving a straight razor (or cuthroat razor) “finish” from my barbers since I was…

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